About Torrey Pines

Located in La Jolla (pronounced "la hoya"), California, Torrey Pines Golf Course sits on the coastal cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is recognized as the premier municipal golf course owned and operated by a city. It is named after the Torrey Pine, a rare tree that grows in the wild only along this local stretch of the coastline in San Diego County and on Santa Rosa Island.

It offers two picturesque and, due to its yearly hosting of the PGA TOUR's Farmers Insurance Open event, widely recognizable championship 18-hole golf courses. It is surely the most accessible public facility for the die-hard enthusiast wishing to play at a world-renown facility that nearly all golfers know by name.

Torrey Pines was the site of perhaps the most memorable modern day U.S. Open Championship, when in 2008, under the typically brutal conditions of this major tournament, injured and hobbling Tiger Woods defeated Rocco Mediate during their sudden death playoff after 90 grueling holes of exciting golf.

Torrey Pines also offers one of the largest on-course golf shops in the United States, expert instruction, tournaments, and advanced golf schools.

You can visit Torrey Pines for a round of golf or pleasant shopping experience from sunrise to sunset every day of the year by following these simple directions:

From points South of La Jolla, traveling North on the Interstate 5 freeway:

  • Exit at Genesee Avenue and turn left (West) at the bottom of the off-ramp

  • Stay on Genesee Avenue as it climbs up and curves to the right

  • Approximately 2 minutes into the drive, Genesee Avenue will bend sharply to the right and become North Torrey Pines Road

  • Stay in the middle lane and look for the large green road sign in the median announcing "Golf Course 2nd Right"

  • Take the exit and follow the curving road to the right as it merges with Callan Road

  • Continue on Callan Road until you enter the driveway of the Torrey Pines Lodge

  • Turn right at the stop sign to enter the parking lot

From points North of La Jolla, traveling South on the Interstate 5 freeway:

  • Exit at Carmel Valley Road and turn right (West) at the bottom of the off-ramp

  • Continue winding your way towards the ocean until you reach the intersection with Camino del Mar

  • Turn left at the signal (South) and stay on this road as it passes by Torrey Pines State Beach and up the grade

  • At the top of the grade, Camino del Mar becomes North Torrey Pines Road (heading South)

  • Look for the driving range on your right and continue past it until you see the exit just beyond the parking lot

  • After exiting the road, turn right, and then right again at the entrance to Torrey Pines Lodge to enter the parking lot